Tuesday, September 25, 2001

I haven't talked much about Azhad and my new online character Miran lately. I keep playing though, but Miran doesn't make me laugh the way Eigar did, she doesn't surprise me in the same way, and I am also having a problem with people who know that I play her, and expect her every word to be as omnoius and potentially dangerous as Eigar's were.

Poor little Miran is however a NICE girl. OK, so she thinks it's charitable to use children as slaves in her workshop (she makes rugs), and she thinks a good way of getting people closer to the road to truth (Zakur: a fantasy mixture of Islam and different religions with reincarnation-topics, mixed with a large drop of capitalism and protectionism) is to help them get on with their lives, as in: their new incarnations. She is too young to be sophisticated about sex, protected spoiled girl as she is, and she doesn't look stunning, ugly or anything else.

So I made a boring character. It is however a very different character. The people who don't know about my former virtual incarnations (Linn the sweet assassin, Agirra the outrageous goldsmith, Eigar the elvish answer to Machiavelli) enjoy her flaring temper and naive arrogance without expecting a knife in their backs.

It's the first character where I have been open about who I am all the time though. Most of the time I have let the people I have talked much Out of Character with learn this slowly. This time I was quite upfront. Don't think I am doing that next time, it's so much easier to be the character when the people I play with respond to who I pretend to be, not to who I might pretend to be.

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