Monday, September 03, 2001

damnthepacific dot com
and while we are talking of lane and stu...

looks like stuart is meeting with a journalist, and will have his face in a paper! This is rather convincing.

So why do I trust newspapers more than blogs? Because newspapers are part of public, traceable organisations which can be held economically and legally responsible for their errors. A journalist has to do research, and they have access to tools for tracking the identity of a person. And not the least: that paper will be read by the people living where Stuart lives. He might think ripping off anonymous strangers would be good if it worked, but when your neighbours learn what you are up to, then you have committed your reputation and your social status, not just some hours spent online.

Geography still matters.
Where the body resides is where you will most easily feel the result of your actions. I'll be waiting to hear about the interview, and then who knows, once the media pick up on the story the dollars they need might be theirs without any of them needing to sell computers, webcams or other essentials of this Information Age.

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