Tuesday, September 25, 2001

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This is about how to avoid being a terrorist target. It really made me think. And it's also why striking at full military force against terrorism won't help. They are already fragmented, and when talking of terrorism we are not talking about one thing, we are talking about one way to define a certain use of violence.

While I agree that terrorists should be punished, the armed war on terrorism is impossible. Terrorism isn't a place or even an organisation. It's a rhetoric! It's a way to bring a message across!

If we knew how to listen to the message, and speak without bombs, it would be possible to communicate differently. As Bjørgo and Heradstveit (Politisk kommunikasjon) quote a Palestine terrorist: "If we could make people listen by throwing roses, that's what we would do."

If drowning the white house in roses could get the kind of attention ruining the WTC and killing thousands of people did... I suspect President Bush would have been smothered from the smell of rotting roses right now.

(And I found Oliver Wrede's blog by way of Jill)

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