Friday, September 14, 2001

World New York
I want to escape, but my mind pulls me back to New York. I am slowly feeling the reaction, physical, nausea, nothing tastes anything, it is as if I can smell and taste the smoke of NYC here in the crisp, clean autumn air at the other side of the world. So odd, that I can love such an ugly city like this.

15 years ago, I wrote a piece which was performed by the student theatre: a small five-minute scene about a sailor who could never return to his lost Bergen, the city being melted into its mountains, his family dying slowly in the suburbs. Today those imagined emotions of loss have returned to haunt me. While I will be returning to New York soon if normal air-traffic is resumed, the New York I knew will be as lost to me as Bergen was to the sailor, doomed never to return.

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