Wednesday, September 26, 2001

It's Wednesday, and the autumn is here. My hands, shoulders and back ache, I have this sensation of never being warm again, a frozen cold settled somewhere close to my spine, and all I want to do is read. Feels like I am getting ready to hibernate.

Instead I am planning what to bring when I go to New York City tomorrow. One thing I am not bringing: my lap-top. I need to rest these aching arms while I am still able to feed myself. When I write too much too tensely I start dropping things - like glasses of milk, spoons and forks and the big heavy sharp knives I like to work with. Not good.

What does this mean for you, who might happen to read this?
I'll most likely not update this blog until October 15th. I haven't even considered using a blog understudy, although that would have been fun, but if you're desperate for reading research diaries with personal content and occasional mention of computers and games, try here or here or here. I might come across internet cafes while wandering about in New York, and if I do I will update, but don't count on it. I will also not read email on a regular basis, and only a few people will know how to get hold of me. I can't go anywhere without something I ought to read, so I will be reading and planning my essay on science theory when I don't spend too much money in sleazy bars or I gape in shock at the ruins of the World Trade Center. I will carry my old, battered but very good camera with me (the only electronics on that is a light measurement, I need to operate everything myself, and I love that), as well as a blank journal and a good pen.

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