Monday, September 03, 2001

Hmm. The scandinavian-flavoured cluster.
In the cluster I feel like a part with, are people I like to talk to and exchange opinions with. Hilde - I have been chatting with her every day for the last year at lingua MOO, Jill - I exchange emails with her, blog back and forth, and chat with her and Adrian when I see them at lingua, Lisbeth, Elin, Gonzalo - I meet them at conferences and can exchange everything from just polite nods to deep personal information depending on the situation.

It's people I like to talk to. Is it elitist to choose a medium which makes our conversations public? If we discussed a topic which didn't belong in the academic sphere, and so didn't rely quite as much on our cultural capital, would it be less elitist that we linked to each others and discussed among ourselves?

For me, blogging goes in waves, sometimes I find things which interest me in the blogs of my friends, sometimes I find interesting things in blogs of people I never knew, sometimes I just read books and think about them instead. I don't do the "you blog me I blog you" thing, as the online-lovers lane and stu from so aptly call "linkslutting", but I do the: "you talk about something that interests me or annoys me or makes me think and I blog you" thing. After all - I am the editor of this blog. What I think is interesting is what goes. Perhaps I need some new friends?

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