Monday, September 10, 2001
Last fall I spent four months living in Brooklyn, and a lot of my free time I spent walking around in the Bay Ridge Area, with trips to Prospect Park, taking pictures of details: houses, gardens, decorations. For a Norwegian, a garden of plastic Santas mixed with angels, or perhaps particularly the many Halloween-decorations were very exotic. However, when I got home, I sent the films by mail to have them developed - and they got lost. I don't have one picture from that period, none of my children's visit in their fall break, nothing.

This is why finding these beautiful pictures of details of buildings in Prospect Avenue is such a thrill for me. The architecture of Brooklyn is whimsical at one moment, ugly the next, just like the gardens or door-steps would be: one housefront barren, ugly and worn down, perhaps with garbage blown up in a corner, next door it would be bright, decorated and neat, cared for to the extreme.

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