Thursday, May 03, 2001

This is a spell for those of my friends out there who struggle for success. If you did this as a teen-ager, who knows where you might have been now...:

Mega Success Spell:

1 green leaf
1 yellow flower
1 blue flower
a handful of earth
a bowl
an orange envelope

Hold the green leaf with your right hand, saying: This green leaf brings me luck.
Still holding the green leaf, pick up the yellow flower in the same hand, saying: This yellow flower bestows success.
Pick up the blue flower in the same hand (holding on to the others), saying: This is for the spirit by whom this spell is blessed.

Place them in a bowl, and scoop up the earth, saying: I sprinkle with my mother's earth, a reminder that I still must work extremely hard if I'm to have my will.

Look at the bowl and repeat the rhyme twice more. As you do, imagine yourself engaged in the activities necessary to reach your goal (such as studying or practicing).

Place the flowers and the soil in the orange envelope, and store it somewhere safe. Whenever you feel the need for a top-up, hold the envelope between the palms of your hand and repeat the evocation three times.

I found this in Marina Baker's: spells for teenage witches. Does it work? Well.... I gave the book to my daughter. We'll just have to wait and see if she is successful, won't we?

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