Thursday, June 13, 2002

Sometimes I hit the "recently updated" links on just to see what is out there. Most of the time I find something which looks nice enough, but I am just not the target group for it. Sometimes I find little treasures of interesting writing and irony... and sometimes I find something really bad and with absolutely no sense of humour.

Today I found Kirc's very desperate expression of love to or dependency of his wife, and through his blog a link to Melissa's weblog. According to their logs, he cheated on her in 1993, moved out, then he moved back in. Now she's sick and tired of him and he's trying to save the marriage. He's been lying, working and drinking with his friends, but not at bars, because according to Melissa he doesn't go to bars. Melissa has also been slamming his mother in her weblog, and now she's deleting all of those posts because she has discovered that Kirc was a spoiled brat before Alec got leukemia.

Still not confused? Get a glimpse of real life soap through blogging. It's out there.

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