Monday, June 24, 2002

Somewhat outdated, but still with some interesting links: a (Norwegian language) list of webcams

advertising by annoyance - does it work?
On second thought - be vary of this site! It did something really odd - when I lead the mouse over a link it showed for instance the url to Ålesund Harbour, but when I clicked it took me to Fodor's travels. Annoying is the least you can call it.

Things like this surprise me because of their total lack of logic. Why do they think that a person clicking on a link to see Ålesund Harbour wants to go travelling? Or do they think that seeing the harbour will make them NOT want to travel, so let's get them to the travel agency before they see the harbour? Because they can't expect the name of the travel agency, the brand of computers or what ever pops up, to become positively connected to anything in my mind. This is advertising by annoyance, the way kids get their parents to give in and buy candy. But that only works with your own parents, who have already decided they love you. Perfect strangers just walk away and swear never to have children of their own.

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