Friday, May 02, 2003

Dagbladet blogs back!
Rune Røsten, publisher of the Dagbladet Weblog (Dagbloggen, as Eirik calls it), posts yesterday, May 1st, about the responses to the weblog and his article. Yes, Rune, exactly, this is what blogging is all about! The most indepth comments normally come in other people's blogs, not on your own. Now get those permanent links in place and the blogging can really get going!

(For English speakers who don't get Norwegian names - Rune Røsten has the most incredible name for a blogger! Rune is a letter in the norse sacred alphabeth, while Røsten means "the voice". And then the two lovely Rs to make it roll off my tongue. If I had to make up a name for a blogger, I couldn't do better!)

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