Friday, May 16, 2003

Melbourne, 13.30 local time
I am here. No problems along the way, only a sore throath that developed into a cold on the drafty airplanes. Remember to dress for the airconditining in the planes, not for the destination!

Right now I am at the Victoria State Library, using this computer for 30 free minutes, since I am here for work purposes. Sometimes there are benefits to being a scholar.

One little communication problem. The College web-mail still does not work. This means: I can't check email to my college address! The email address I can check is in the below post. (Update: the college email works, and the alternative address has been removed.)

Anything else? Well, the weather is rather comfortable, although a bit muggy. Comfortable, that is, for a Norwegian who always carries a woolen scarf and a warm sweater. And yes Jill, you may need yoru umbrella. At least today.

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