Monday, June 28, 2004

Professional communicators
One of the other things I do is educate professional communicators: PR-consultants and -workers, information advisors, public communication consultants - you name it, if they work in the borderland public/media/organisations I educate (at least some of) them. This is an area fraught with conflict between journalists and consultants, a conflict which in Norway is both aggressive and ugly.

So it's with a great deal of pleasure I introduce today's link, a commentary (in Norwegian) by Kathrine Aspaas: De lærer oss å snakke - "They teach us to talk", a sober, clear expression of her opinion about the conflict journalists/information workers, printed in Aftenposten, one of the leading national newspapers. Her main point is that everybody wins when both sides in a communication process know how to communicate. Thank you, Kathrine, for being a wise woman.

And thank you Trygve, for the link.

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