Thursday, June 03, 2004

We repeat: games are not dangerous
Some articles in Norwegian newspapers, June 1st: Espen Aarseth about the new reality created by technology, an article from may 6th comes up with some interesting statistics on media use among Norwegian children, and me, June 1st, saying that the modern society has no secret rooms for children, yes, very Henry Jenkins inspired.

A summary for non-Norwegians: Espen puts an emphasis on the connection between culture, virtual representations, technology and economy, and shows how technology is interweaved with modern culture. The article with the statistics shows that children who use computers a lot are as active in other games and activities as children who don't. It shows that children still use television a lot more than they do computers. See also Jill's blog for statistics on Norwegian media use. I am repeating the "don't blame the technology, it is a product of our culture (or at least, someone's culture)" mantra I have been pushing for years.

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