Monday, April 18, 2005

Keyboard warning

I just made a slightly absurd discovery. On my logitech keyboard, just over the arrow keys, under the delete/home/end/page up or down keys, something is printed: "Advarsel! Noen eksperter mener at bruk av hvilket som helst tastatur kan forårsake alvorlige skader. Les informasjon på baksiden av dette tastaturet." - which means: "Warning! Some experts think that the use of any keyboard at all can cause serious injuries. Read the information at the back of this keyboard."

Curious, I turned the keyboard over. And sure enough, there is was, a little list of what do do and what not to do while using a keyboard, in order to avoid serious injury. I don't follow those directions, for instance, I like to rest my hands on a pad for that purpose just below the keyboard, that way I don't strain the shoulders so badly. But I also don't rest my arms or writst on anything with sharp edges.

If nobody had warned me, I don't think I'd even have considered the possibility of resting my writsts on anything with sharp edges while writing. Now my head is filled with ideas. I guess I need to get busy with something a tad more interesting than what I am up to today.

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