Sunday, April 24, 2005


As the days are longer and the weather gentler, it is so much easier to be outside and active. The winter is turning into a bad memory with its painful struggle against desperate, meaningless exhaustion, as I take the time to get back into shape. Walking the rough paths of Volda is not just great exercize, it's also a chance to breathe some of the cleanest air the planet has to offer.

The beard on that tree is a particular lichen which is very sensitive to pollution. You will not find it in gardens in Volda, but once you walk for 10 minutes uphill away from the main roads, it is there.

And as I walk myself back into shape, the sun makes progress too:

This is where the sun set a week ago. Today it set a notch further north, now setting almost 9.15 pm, west north-west:

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Nigela said...

I enjoyed looking at your photographs and reading your descriptions. The scenes are beautiful.