Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Is Feedburner important?

Feedburner just went commercial on me, and I no lenger get the nifty statistics of which items people like and which readers access the feed every day unless I agree to upgrade to a pro account.

Now I wonder if it would be very inconvenient if I deleted the feedburner account. I have had from 120 - 200 daily hits through this, between 25 - 40 actual readers, and 1-6 daily click-throughs (people who have accessed the individual blog posts).

I have no statistics at all of the blogger atom reader, so I have no indicator if anybody actually use this.

Anyway, while I would like to get out of Feedburner since they have spoiled me with priviledge and now took it away, I don't want to punish my readers for this. If you have a good reason for me to continue using them, I would like to know. And no, I don't need a vote or to hear from the 120 who would drop by on a slow day, for me it's enough with the 1-3 who occasionally actually read something here.

Update: Within a short time of me writing this post, Rick Klau at feedburner had found the post, asked what was wrong, and made me check again, promising that they had taken nothing away, only added more.

I am so charmed by the quick response that I am letting the feedburner account stay, no need for neither the 200 on good days or the 1-2 who actually read the stuff to make any changes, and a gold star to Rick for instant expanded customer support!


Unknown said...

Your ATOM feed is just fine for me! :)

Torill said...

rick - OK, perhaps I don't know what I had and what I see, but I used to have a long list of click-throughs, where I could see the individual posts people had clicked on. I can't see that any more. Is that item-level statistics, or is it an error with my account?

Torill said...

that is so neat! I love the way its broken down now! rick, thank you - I could get used to this kind of efficiency and attention ;)