Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Making up my mind

I just sent off a grand overview of the research I want to do for the next three-four years. Topics, combinations, publications, and how it all ends up in a splendid work which will change the world as we know it, combining computer games, user research and weblogs in a perfect synthesis and with exquisite logic.

No, I don't dare share it with you all yet. Let's just say: My fingers are visionaries. Today was two days after the deadline for submitting this. They took over where the mind boggled, and I now know what they have been plotting for the last ten years.


Alex Halavais said...

I want those fingers. Mine are very inrn... inarticle... inarticul... dumb.

Torill said...

I bet you want us. We are pretty good looking too! Smart and handsome! (and vain)

Antti said...

Sounds interesting, hope everything goes well! (and the people in charge of the decision realise the importance of this area as well!)