Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Fun with typoes

You know you've read too many student papers when you have tipped over and started really enjoying typoes. Today's beauty comes from a journalist in a Norwegian paper:
Ta kontakt når som helst hvis du oppdager faktiske feil eller et sitat som har blitt forandret til noe du kan stå for.

Translated: Contact me if you see actual errors, or quotes that have been changed into something you can stand for." - meaning, if the quotes they use actually come out the way I meant them to do.

Considering some journalistic practice, this typo was if not revealing of the true intentions of the writer (who did, correctly and as I asked, send me the quotes), at least funny in a disillusioned teacher kind of way.

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Trönder said...

In general, I find that the Norwegian way of life includes far too much negativity. Too many people use the words no, not, can't, won't and shouldn't.

As part of a campaign against this trend, I secretly and deliberately remove these words from all my e-mails.

Typo? I would never...

Journalist T.