Tuesday, June 27, 2006


And after last years horrible cold and unpleasant summer, I am spending this year's vacation in Croatia. Was + 29 degrees Celcius in Dubrovnic yesterday. No computer on this trip, except the one in my cellphone. My new cellphone. Hmm, it has a camera, who knows, perhaps I should try some moblogging from the beach? Because that's the only type of blogging until I am home in the middle of July some time. And get my lap-top back. Yeah, it's not here and I have been suffering withdrawal for a week. That's how it is.


erlingsi said...

Nice to read that you have a hot time in Dubrovnik. However the phone you have chosen, a Motorola V3is slim, handy and very nice to look at. But why did not you go for V3x with a superb camera aand a faster 3G transmission? I had to comment on your decision. Have a nizzze stay, I am leaving for the Azores

Clancy said...

Oh! I would love to go to Croatia one of these days.