Monday, September 25, 2006

If I were an evil spammer...

I have just been looking at Jill's excellent post about MyBlogLog as well as their quick response, and of course had to have a look at it. It looks like innocent fun, but I agree totally with Jill, I don't want to have my face or my information on the front page of all sites I visit.

However: some do. Now if I was an evil spammer, a seller of porn or something equally evil and tempting, like WoW gold, what would I do? I'd make a blog, register with MyBlogLog, write a bot to click its way around the blogosphere through the MyBlogLog links, and leave my "face" in as many spots as possible.

Of course, the MyBlogLog providers probably thought about this before they made the nice, cool, social sharing technology, so I am sure there are ways to block spammers other than doing it by hand with each and every one that leaves a "face" on your blog. Or at least they are thinking about it:
Similarly, the site publisher will be able to ban the appearance of specific profile pictures from the widget and will no longer know when those individual MyBlogLog users visit their site. That feature is also not yet available.
Now I am looking forwards to seeing how this will develop. It's too good an opportunity for exposure at other people's web sites (some of them heavily trafficked) for some to pass up, and if the creators and users manage to keep it clean, that's a great feat of sorting and censoring.

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Todd Sampson said...

Hi Torill:

Thanks for jumping into the conversation! You are absolutely correct that we have been thinking through this for quite a while. We also have a few systems in place that help us to combat the potential Face Spam problem – with quite a few more on the drawing board or in development; such as the ability to block faces from showing on your site and blacklisting sites that you surf so that you do not show up.

So far, we have done a good job of separating “adult” content from the rest of the sites/blogs on MyBlogLog. Adult sites cannot participate in the main MyBlogLog Communities site or have their adult sites linked in their profiles. We do not try to sensor on “bad-taste” unless it has risen above the PG-13 level or is socially offensive. In the case of the avatar mentioned in Zenrob's post, we did not remove the person's image. However, we did quickly remove the improperly marked adult site from the person's profile.

As we often say on the MyBlogLog Blog, “If you disagree, get loud and let us know.” Thanks for doing so!

Todd Sampson
MyBlogLog CTO

P.S. Keep an eye on the MyBlogLog Blog for information on the release of the new anti-Spam measures. We try very hard to keep everyone in the loop as to what we are doing and constantly seek input from the community as we are planning strategy & site features.