Thursday, September 28, 2006

The subject blogs back

I spent a nice afternoon and evening with two young men, a journalist and a cameraman from "Schrødingers katt". It's a program on NRK, Norwegian Broadcasting, and they wanted to make a case on games and game research. Main topic for the interview was The Truants, the game researcher's guild I am part of. And with that as an entrance to the topic of game research, we also talked about games, gamers, gaming and game research - for hours and hours and hours. All those hours are supposed to be cut down to 5-6 minutes, so it's not like I will be proselytising endlessly. But the experience was interesting: the conversations with two nice and interested people, the technical solutions in order to get the best filming conditions, the sheer physical work of hours of information collection.

After all these hours I admit I enjoy blogging the journalists. They were great people, great guests, good fun to talk to.

The program is supposed to be sent October 19th November 2nd October 26th, with a teaser October 19th, and will be online the day after.

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