Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Girl Economy

Sometimes I almost regret not writing this blog in Norwegian for a Norwegian audience. The Norwegian blog sphere is growing, and there are some great, intelligent and very entertaining Norwegian bloggers. Today I bring any Scandinavians out there, or others who understand Norwegian, a lesson in Girl Economy. Little Girl gives us two lessons, part one and part two on how girls think about costs, income, utility and savings. She explains things like why it's so important, as well as rational and sensible to have another green top or another pair of shoes (there can never be too many shoes). She also explains how it's possible to spend 1500 you were going to use for something else, and still earn 3500 which you never had and never see.


Digital Kultur: Blog Kommunikation said...

Thank you. That was a wonderful link. Don't you just have to fall in love with this new generation of young females :-)

Wish I had been as smart and had had the same confidence at that age. Only finding it now at age 43 :-)
Go girls.

Torill said...

I love them!

Torill said...

Ops, Charlotte, I published and rejected wrong comment. Sorry!

But they looked very alike, so I thought it was just the same post twice - then I noticed the subtle differences :(