Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Blogger is suddenly speaking Norwegian to me. I love it, but I also see some weird results. For instance when I want to publish a comment, and the window isn't wide enough to show the buttons "publiser kommentaren din" and "forhåndsvisning" (preview). So the first shows, but the second is shortened to "forhån". "Hån" in Norwegian means - I don't really have the words in English, but I think something like "spite" or "harassment". "Forhån" is one form of the word as a verb. So, I get the options "publish" or "spite". Weird.

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Toril said...

Actually, I found it so weird that I changed the language back to English... so much for appreciating the Norwegian user interface...

However, I may change it back to Norwegian one of these days :)