Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Health and games

Journalists are great. Good journalists find a whole lot of stuff, and they can only use a tiny portion of it, because they think people really don't want to lnow all the interesting stuff they find. Or their editors do. This means that journalists are really generous when it comes to sharing information, not at all worried when you ask for a link to that research report they are quoting and trying to get you to comment on.

Now, The Truants are great too. Despite being researchers, they share interesting information even more generously than journalists, and they know how to find it fast. So when I got a hint from a journalist about some interesting research, and asked The Truants if they could help me with some search words for the right type of institution, I got it right away! And so I can offer the Scandinavian language readers of this blog a link to an interesting Swedish review of research on health and games.

Enjoy, and think nice thoughts about gift economy networks while you do.

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