Thursday, May 10, 2007

So hip, so cool!

I was in Bergen and talked (the links) to the student community of Bergen, with VamPus, also known as Heidi Nordby Lunde. The student paper StudVest proudly proclaims that blogging will remain. "Bestå" (remain) in Norwegian means something which will last forever - that's not exactly what I said. I tried to indicate that I think it will be altered and absorbed in other technologies, but that some kind of easy written personal publishing with a similar form to current blogs will remain. But hey, doesn't sound as good, does it?

It was fun, I have, after 15 years of lecturing, finally lost my panic for talking in public, and VamPus is a pretty quick and clever lady. But I have to admit that the high point for me was to come home and check facebook and see that my daughter's friends think I am hip and cool, just like her. I mean, when students think some crazy woman old enough to be their mother is cool, either it's time for me to put on a pinstriped suit and stop dying my hair, or they are trying to impress my daughter.


Anyway, message of the day: Vote smart, Vote Erla


Luca said...

Ehi Torill! I think you're really cool... and I'm just few years older than your daughter! (and I even let you be the Mistress and lead me in very dangerous places all over Azeroth!)

Torill said...

Thanks Luca, that you think this even if I do get your kickass mage killed all the time!

Toril said...

Torill, great talk, and I really enjoyed both you and Vampus :)

And by the way, you are defintely cool, and I really enjoyed meeting you in person!!

Luca said...

milady I must remind you that you killed me just once.. when I was far more lower level than you.. but you did it in from of my students. :-)

Torill said...

Ohhh, sweet victory! I have to cherish that one, they are long between.

The rest of the time I just drag a bunch of monsters in your direction, and let them do my dirty work ;)