Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Something nice: books
I mentioned a box from waiting before the week-end. The containts held few surprises, as I had ordered it all myself, but it still made me feel good:

Steve Krug: Don't Make Me Think is a simple, but useful and clear book on web usability. It's on the reading list for the students this year, and looks promising.

Justine Cassell and Henry Jenkins: From Barbie to Mortal Kombat is a collection of articles of varied quality. I bought it for an article by Henry Jenkins: "Complete Freedom of Movement". It's one of the most sensible articles on children, new technology and play-spaces (although it's not that interesting as a way to document gendered play-spaces) I have read. And yes, I am aware I can get that article online. I am hoping to find something else that is sensible and useful in that book.

Gerard Jones: Killing monsters, why children need fantasy, super heroes and make believe violence I am one chapter into the book, and I find myself nodding all the time. Jones questions the methodology of the many reports that show that children become more violent from watching television, and discusses the many alternative reasons for this effect. I am going to ask the library order this one for their collection.

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