Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Computer games and the state
Lisbeth has a post on the discussion of public support for Danish computer games. In Norway this has already been suggested for the budget of 2004. There will be 8 million (1,1 million $) for the development of non-violent or less violent computer games in Norway. Remo Caprino, the developer of Flåklypa Grand Prix as a computer game, has already received two millions which come on top of the 8 millions suggested for 2004 - which means Norway will spend 10 million N kr on the planning of non-violent computer games.

I do, however, have more sympathy for the idea of developing a Danish Dogme Game than for the idea of developing a Norwegian Nice Game. The one is about creating something unique, the other is about denying something undesired. But at least the money is there, and that opens the window for future creativity.

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