Thursday, October 09, 2003

I have just spent an hour trying to make sure everything works for the lecture tomorrow, at 8.15 am, a time of the day when I don't have a chance to get hold of assistance if I can't make things work. Of course, the sound had been turned off on the computer, and after an hour of opening every panel to check that nothing had been turned off and no wires fallen out, the expert called to my assistance managed to figure out that the speakers had been turned off on the computer. I felt like an idiot: I had "unchecked" the speaker, it was supposed to work, but I hadn't opened the icon further and unchecked every box there was.

The lecture tomorrow? Internet history. And I don't know how to get the sound to work on a program I use every day. I feel so exhausted. Empty. I have no energy at all for getting up at 6 tomorrow in order to be here, prepared and ready at 8. And I have another lecture later tomorrow, which I need to prepare for as well.

I need a shot of something. And don't say coffeine, because I sleep better when I drink coffee.

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