Thursday, October 02, 2003

It will not end. The Cyber Ladies, who know perfectly well who they are, are keeping me entertained with a flow of packages from I think I need to update my wishlist there now, it is most likely cleaned out! I got an other C.J. Cherryh book today: Defender, the last published book (so far) in a series I have liked for years. I can't wait to get home and settle down with it - I need this kind of reading now! It's the same author as for Paladin, which I received a while ago. And then there was the book that made me want to arrange a seminar or a workshop right away. There needs to be a workshop soon on female academics in cyberspace: their research interests, their academic opportunities and their plans for the future. It needs to be somewhere nice and physically and aesthetically pleasing, it needs to include publishing fantastic articles by fantastic writers, inspired blogging on elegant websites and active network building in many a social event.

In other words: I am sad, really sad that I don't know when I can be with you ladies again. I miss you!

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