Sunday, July 11, 2004

Gadgets for a geeky girl
Some people seem to know just what a woman needs - while some know how to make that inner playful girl happy. And when the digital camera broke in an accident and it turns out it may not be repaired in time to bring it with me when I go home to Norway, my NYC connection whipped out his card, pulled it through the right slots and then handed me a new digital camera. I did the right amount of happy exclamations to satisfy the proud pusher of gadgets, and then I stopped pretending to care about anything but the camera. And yes, if you are looking for a 5,1 mega pixel camera and have been wondering about the sony cybershot, then I am happy to recommend the DSC-P100. It's quick, small and has had some of the flaws of the sony cameras picked out of it. But most important: it's tiny! It fits into my pocket! WEEEEE!!!!

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