Sunday, July 25, 2004

Norwegian Fetish Divas
A website named Fetish Divas, owned by women working in different areas of the erotic/pornographic industry, has commented on an article in the Norwegian women's magazine KK - Kvinner og Klær.

The article, in Norwegian, but scanned and linked to from here, basically makes the women behind FetishDivas and several established porn magazines stand out as stupid bimbos, according to the site. The female editors of pornographic magazines can hardly be stupid, it isn't like this is a job that only requires a pretty smile. And Anniken, photographer and fetish diva site owner, writes an angry mail to KK.

Years ago I noted that the computer gives women more power over the publication of their nude pictures. At one hand, of course, you have to remember that the net means a picture of you can be published over and over again in a million different contexts. At the same time I have met several women who have their own pornsites where they do all the work of publishing and photography as a group, and who share the costs and of course, the money. No pimp between them and their audience.

Now the net gives voice to the women in the established business. A place to talk back as persons, not just as stereotypes caught in the set structures.

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