Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Games and health
Remember Dance Dance Revolution and weight loss? Seems like there is another game out there, Yourself|fitness. Is it just me, or does the personal trainer resemble Lara Croft?

Game found by way of an article in

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dafnie said...

hmmmm. yeah they definitely look allke.....the way their hair are tied and their eyes :)By the way have you seen ? its another cool site that features Maya (the personal trainer on Yourself!Fitness)..very funny site:) Actually, ive beenusing the Xbox game for a month now and all i can say is WOW! just last night Maya worked out my ABs to death and im all sore but im all happy :) hell i already lost 4 lbs! The PC version just came out yesterday,and im thinking of buying it for my friends this christmas, coz i definitely believe they would enjoy it as much as i do... cool huh ;) well i gotta share my blessings yah know :)