Monday, January 16, 2006

Pathetic - or social?

From the next room I hear WoW sounds, and it annoys me. Why? Because it's my son playing, not me. He is even playing for me, offering his levelling services so I can get a buffer character fast. Yep, I am buying a personal trainer. I am still annoyed.

I try to figure out why I feel like this. I know I am not addicted. I don't stay home from work to play - it's not even the play I miss! And I think that is the clue to my annoyance. I want to talk to some of the people I play with. It's actually getting increasingly urgent, and if I just hang out in Kalimdor for an hour or two, most of them will drop by. I can sip tea, have my feet up and hang out, waiting for friends and colleagues to drop in and say hello.

It is an addiction to the social, not to the technical. It's a particularly fun social, yes, but games have always been a very important part of human social life, so what's new?

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