Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Wow Europe researcher's guild

Tonight is a founding meeting, it's not too late to send me an email to introduce yourself and learn the names of some of the characters, borrow your newphew's wow account (he'll hate you later when you start arguing over playing time, so perhaps just get your own?) and log into Moonglade, Horde side, by 10 pm to be there from the start.

A lot of my favourite researchers are there already, mixed with some I am looking forwards to learn to know better. Some have characters in the 20ies, but don't worry, we also have characters which just started. All classes except warrior would be good - the way it looks now we will never need to go without a tank.

See you in Orgrimmar tonight?

***Update: we managed to get enough people online to create the guild. And we still miss one class: hunters.

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