Thursday, January 20, 2005

As you happen to be in Maastricht

18th of February, you should take the time to attend the Innovative Game Design Symposium at Jan van Eyck Academy. Plenty of interesting and innovative people present: Celia Pearce, Chris Crawford and Ian Bogost to mention some I have had the pleasure of seeing elsewhere.

I can't go anywhere that week - tied hands and feet by comittments to the college - so go, listen, and write about it! (Preferably in a Scandinavian language, English or German, please?)


niels said...

Thanks for the tip!

I live close to Maastricht and my knowledge of game research is quite weak. So this could be a good starting point for me.

About the "reporting" afterwards

"Preferably in a Scandinavian language, English and German, please?)"

Should we combine all these languages in one post? That would be a hard task to do... ; )

Torill said...

OK Niels - you may choose one! Imagine the "and" into an "or". Actually. I'll just edit the post ;)