Thursday, January 06, 2005


If you read Norwegian and are concerned about
  • college and university ranking
  • statistics
  • journalism
  • the quality reform

you should read Sven Erik Skarsbø's open letter to Terje Osmundsen (pdf) about the weekly magazine Mandag Morgen and their ranking of Norwegian Colleges and Universities.

Sometimes it feels really good to see incompetence blatantly revealed by people who have taken their time both to find the flaws and check them. Delicious reading on a slightly disillusioned day.


Pjotr said...


And I would love to read Mandag Morgens answer (if any)
Do you know if they have answered, and if so, where?

Torill said...

I have no idea. I don't keep it, it's too expensive, and, obviously, not worth the money for more than entertainment value. Or if you teach research on trends, quantitative methodology and hard data sociology, in which case they seem to deliver exellent examples to break down and get very sarcastic - almost vitriolic - over in class.

Bjørn said...

I loved the open letter - it's always nice when bad journalism is exposed.

(Although: I'm working at Oslo University College, which has 66 % female staff - and I thought it only fair that I and my male colleagues should finally get a little reward for being a minority...) :-)