Sunday, January 09, 2005

The sky over Volda

volda light, originally uploaded by Rotill.

I lived for a year in the flat landscapes of Østfold, the Norwegian grain district. While others love that landscape, I felt closed in and as if there was no sky. Here, where everything is limited and framed by mountains, where the sky is what we can see once we have climbed to the peak, I feel I have space to breathe and a sky to watch. In a way the limits makes it more clear, more powerful.

I know the continuous storms which have been raging with varying strength for the last few weeks has made light rare. Over a wet, dark ground and the looming mountains the sky offers quick glimpses of a thinner cover of clouds, and it becomes precious.


two_dishes said...

For me the sky is like a free show, all the time. Clouds amaze me. Stars and planets amaze me. And lightening is the BEST!

Torill said...

Oh yes, I agree. And add Northern lights and five hour sunsets/sunrises to that. We have just had too little variety this year. Too much gloomy dark grey, too little flash of divine light.