Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Colourful comfort

polkaboots2, originally uploaded by Rotill.

No gadgets, but something I will be very happy about this year, I think (there are two more storms looming over Scotland just waiting to hit this coast). I adore the fashion with colourful boots, I have wanted something other than military green or slick black since I had a pair of red boots as a kid. I wore those boots all the time, rain or shine, and they were even better after I happened to chop a hole in one of them with an axe (yes, the foot was inside but unharmed) and they were repaired with a nice, bright patch!

The red ones I really wanted were too expensive though - as I am still planning gadget shopping.

And yes, my son has already informed me that bright boots are so popular they are over the top. I don't care. I am just regretting I am so conservative I didn't go for the white, yellow and orange daisies.

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