Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Light lost

I wanted to walk home in daylight today. It's a quarter past two, and it's dark already. I will still leave early though, paycheck hit the account today, and I heard the echo from the vast emptiness all the way here. So now my gadget craving makes me go looking for a gaming headset and a portable CD player. The gaming headset is for me, the cd-player for my son. Perhaps I get the red rubber boots too, if the one pair in my size is still in the store. Then when it's raining I can at least have a good excuse for wearing colourful shoes!


Kristine said...

Hei Torill, jeg ser du har funnet oss igjen :)

Torill said...

Hei Kristine - gjerne noen som sladrer vet du :) Litt spennende å følge med.