Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Going shoeshopping?

Donate gently used clothes and shoes in any Kenneth Cole New York store all over the United States, and get 20% off your next purchase. And if you don't plan to buy anything from Kenneth Cole, just send your slips to me and I'll see they are put to good use next time I am in the US.

This is interesting and clever advertising, and Benetton has of course thought about it before. I could not find pictures of the naked Luciano Benetton begging people to bring clothes back to his stores, but I did find pictures from some of their other campaigns.


Francis S. said...

What, no picture of Luciano Benetton naked?

Torill said...

Outrageous, isn't it Francis? It's the main reason I remember that campaign - he was holding up a big sign in a strategic position, saying "Give me back my clothes!", while wearing nothing but glasses. And possibly shoes and/or socks, I didn't really focus too much at that end. If there were shoes they were not something I could wear, so who cares.