Friday, January 07, 2005

Media about students looking at the media

There's nothing like meta-communication, so of course I have to blog about the interview in Bergens Tidende ( where I talk about blogging. Sadly there is at the time being no link to it online, but the most fun part about the interview is that I was questioned yesterday about a project we started up the day before: the personal publication and the tsunami blogg-project.

I have been spreading copies of the article to the students, and hopefully it will make them see that they are working on two really hot topics right now: blogs and disasters.

It's almost enough to make my quite cheery - only that all cheer goes out of me when I am reminded of the misery which created this unique media situation. Still: the least we can do is to learn as much as possible from disasters. Media studies can't keep people from being killed by tsunamis, but it may teach us abit about how to communicate and relate better, locally and globally.

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