Friday, January 21, 2005


The Norwegian word for Research is Forskning, and Documentation is Dokumentasjon. So the database containing doumentation of research for Norwegian researchers is called ForskDok. And if you search for information there, you either search ForskPub (forskningspublisering - research publication - easy, isn't it?) or ForskPro (forskningsprosjekter - research projects). And if you want to search for one particular scholar, you can for instance search in ForskDok for Mortensen, Torill? or Walker, Jill?. Who, apparently, shows up with more publications if you make a search in the library database. Is this the first time you are registering your work, Jill?


Faltin said...


Jill was refering to the new database for research publications called FRIDA (

I registered a website I made there last year under produkt/andre produkter, since there really isn't any good categories for this type of work.

It was kind of a novel thought for me that a blog can or should be registered there though! Do you register your blog?

Torill said...

What used to be registered in ForskDok is from 2005 to be registered in FRIDA. That means that I have just registered the 2004-work in ForskDok, but the 2005 work will show up in FRIDA. And I know blogs in this kind of registration is a novel thought, but if the teachers in music get their performances and compositions registered, the animators get their comic strips registered - why not a blog? This is my expression of a genre I study - a way to perform the art I am looking at. It may not yet be accepted as a performance by the powers that be, it may not give me FOU points, but I find that dismissing blogs and say they are not relevant is too easy.

Jill said...


I entered all my stuff religiously in Forskdok, but they've taken it down and we're not allowed to use it any more, and they SAY they've transferred everything to FRIDA but they must have forgotten my stuff.

It's really rather annoying, because I registered stuff as I published it, so now I don't know whether to reregister all my 2004 stuff or not. I don't even have a proper record of WHAT I registered in the old system for 2004. Most stuff up till november, I think.

And OF COURSE they won't answer email about it.

But hey, if I registered stuff in Forskdok, souldn't it show up in that search you did? Huh? I don't get it. I registered it SOMEWHERE anyway.

Torill said...

It may be my search parameters that are wrong. If you search for Mortensen, Torill only stuff where I don't use "Elvira" shows up, which means only old stuff. Can it be that to get your publications up, there's something else I don't know about which needs to be added? That's why I did Walker, Jill? in the first place.

And it sounds like you're much better than me at organising this, there were years when my computer and Forskdok refused to cooperate, so I had the research coordinator register my stuff for me. Typically, now that the system works for me, it's changed!