Saturday, January 01, 2005

Plans for 2005

To remind myself of those things I know I will be setting aside as teaching knocks me off my feet in three days. In a way, this is like the diet blogs: a public statement of intent, which binds me in a different way than if I just said: "this is what I want to achieve this year" and then promptly forgot about it. Or it can be my new-years resolution this year.

  • One article with Hilde on Neverwinter Nights. No, I haven't forgotten about it, and now I am getting a new laptop that can deal with the game, so it will be easier to get the time to play.
  • One article on public information in the age of new user patterns, in Norwegian.
  • One three-year plan drawn up for future research and publishing. I finally know what I want to do, but I don't have the right words in place yet - a bit more thinking while writing to do for that. But it is about blogs, games, hybrid media, participants and users.
  • One article on blogs and theorization of the blogosphere - just because Bitch PhD posted an interesting call for papers and it would fit smack into the above three year plan.
  • Attending (at least) two conferences, one of them DAC 2005 in Copenhagen (website to appear here soon), the other possibly in New York in May if I can fit that into a very rough spring of teaching.
  • Outlining a course in "multimediated popularisation" - just because it's a fun thing I want to explore and teach, and sometimes even teachers should have fun.

If I manage this, I'll feel good about my achievements come 2006.

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