Friday, February 22, 2002

Today's topic with Lisbeth and Tinka.

Lisbeth is looking at the evolving clusters and trying to find a pattern, while Tinka points out that there are far more clusters than Lisbeth identifies, and that they are formed less by interest or plan and more by chance.

Personally I am somewhere in between.
1) the longer you blog, the greater is your chance of being found by others and added to their "to read" lists, and the more "clusters" do you appear to be part of - the chance of being blogged increases.

2) depending on what you work with, you will make searches which gives you hits within your own topic, and the people you find and link to this way will find you when they search for something useful - and suddenly you're mutually blogging each other and defined "friends" by definition of the social mapping software being developed for blogs.

3) There will be social networks - such as Jill, Hilde, Elin, who are friends from Bergen, but with Elin in Boston at the moment.

4) There will be "wannabees", people who link to those they consider to be on some A-list, and try to appear to be in a cluster.

Is there a problem with any of these? I am normally the one pulling conspiracy theories out of my muddy social sciences past, but here I don't see anything but quite interesting and natural rhizomic growth.

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