Thursday, February 28, 2002

jill/txt: archives of february 2002
Jill, I did a study which is somewhat in the same vein once: texual hierarchies - seeing how certain expressions would be repeated in certain documents in the process of tracing power-structures between local newspapers/public administration/local politics. I'll see if I can locate the report - should be here somewhere, it's one of the things I add to that box of publications when I try to convince others that I am a serious scholar...

Here's the reference:
1995: Torill Mortensen, Johann Roppen, Anne Karin Ødegård: Lokalpolitikk og media. Ein for-studie av media sin betydning for lokalpolitikken, Arbeidsrapport nr 8, Høgskulen i Volda og Møreforsking i Volda (Local Politics and Media: a pilot study for developing research design on the subject of the role of media in local politics.)

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