Thursday, February 28, 2002

True Story Time, inspired by francis and the comments to his Wednesday post:

You should be fullfilled as women...

The Setting: Cafe Opera in Bergen, a major University City in Norway.
The Cast: Me-the-student, Rebecca-the-student and two middle-aged men in expensive suits and coats; the surgeon and the lawyer.

Rebecca and I had left our men to look after our kids and gone out, to spend an evening drinking, looking at people and chatting. We had a table in a crowded cafe, and took turns fetching and paying for each other's drinks. I had just fetched Rebecca a beer and a glass of wine for myself, as two well-dressed men politely asked if they could please have a seat. We didn't mind, as the place was crowded and we expected a question like that sooner rather than later.

The men introduced themselves, and started chatting. We soon learned that we had a surgeon and a lawyer at our table, they had been friends since childhood, the surgeon was recently divorced and the lawyer happily married. We also learned that the laywer had obviously been the butt of the surgeon's jokes since childhood, as we were constantly being entertained with stories of how stupid the lawyer had been at a number of occasions 15-20 years ago, and we learned that the surgeon wasn't just that, but he had also specialised in psyciatry.

After the second beer, the surgeon started entertaining us with a story of having seen two women make out in an other bar. Rebecca shrugged, asked him what was so special about that, and then she went and fetched me a glass of wine and an other beer for herself. As she returned, the surgeons told us that since he had specialised in psyciatry, he understood why women would like other women. We were both very casual in our responses to that. We did however perk up when he told us that since he was also a psyciatrist, we could safely admit to him that we were lesbians and lovers.

By now the lawyer was desperately trying to change the subject. Rebecca and I though, were really getting interested. We denied his assumptions of course, but we had to admit that yes, we did live in a nice place, which had been given an architect award (aren't all homosexuals in urban myth obsessed with aesthetics?), we did have some areas in common yes, well, we did see quite a lot of each other, well, occasionally we might have breakfast together, when we had the time...

The surgeon was drooling. While his mind ran a loop where he saw me and Rebecca having hot lesbian sex in an elegant apartment where the only thing lacking was a real MAN, he argued that without men, we wouldn't know what it's like to be women. We wouldn't truly understand the purpose of womanhood unless we gave birth. We would never be fullfilled without the experience of being sated by a real MAN.

Rebecca and I were having the best night out in a long time by now. The lawyer had given up, and just sat there listening. He looked like he was enjoying this as much we did, fighting to stay serious with every little piece of information we fed to the over-active mind of the surgeon. This was when Rebecca decided that the surgeon deserved to learn the truth.

"Listen" she said, "you really deserve to learn the full extent of our relationship. I have two children and a male partner. Torill here is married and has two children. We live in student housing for students with children, the entire complex got an architect award in 1969. The area we have in common is the garden where the children play. We have breakfast together as often as we have time for it, the company at the table normally including at least four children, occasionally more, as well as several more adults."

The surgeon stared at us. The lawyer started laughing. The surgeon got up and went to the toilet. The lawyer laughed and laughed, unable to speak. The surgeon returned, took his coat and told his friend they were leaving. The lawyer shook our hands, gave us both his business card, told us to get in touch if we might need him for anything sometime, and thanked us for the most fun evening out he had ever had.

So far, that's the extent of my experience as an out-of-the-closet lesbian. I enjoyed it though!

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