Friday, May 31, 2002

Geography and places of the heart
I find myself wishing I could register here, that I could be a NYC blogger. I would be at the very end of the R-line, the south end of the yellow line, where only shuttles run in the week-ends, five minutes walking away from a breath of salt air, where it's still possible to buy Norwegian meat-balls with brown sauce or warm fish-cakes in the regular delis. Not to talk of real danish bread.

But I hesitate, because even in a non-geographic community, the geographc identity is powerful. Language is obvious, but I notice other differences as well. The priorities, the problems, the questions and the answers: I cannot even begine to pretend that mine are those of a New Yorker. I'll just add that page to my favourites, and be a digital tourist, lurking around thedescriptions of life in a part of the world I have grown to enjoy the way the familiar is still enjoyable before it grows tiresome.

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