Saturday, May 11, 2002

Sweet praise
Spending most of my time these days doubting every second word I write, reading praise of what I have written is sweet indeed. David Weinberger has read Blogging Thoughts, and he likes it a lot. Writing that article was such fun, such an orgy of academic delight of the rarest kind, coupled with the pleasure of having Jill visiting. And then the double exhibitionism of presenting it as well as performing it with her, our abilities on display, our common pleasures naked before the audience in a swiftly prepared jam-session of our minds. What has happened to me, that my hedonistic self has turned towards the desires of my intellect, my delights as ascetic and my intentions as pure as theory? Perhaps because my pain is intellectual, my needs and my doubts are those of a spirit striving to create, not of a body trying to pro-create…

Not that I would despise more carnal lusts. I’ll just finish these chapters, hmm?

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