Saturday, May 11, 2002

Today the owner of the parrots arrives. That means no more wings fluttering around my ears and feathers landing on my pillow to make my allergies play up - but also no more internet connection for a while. So don't worry - I am doing very well, actually, the weather is agreeing with me, my back and shoulders approve of the weather and me walking around in Brooklyn in between the long bouts of writing, and my host, friend and general make-me-feel-good guy matthew is just busy enough that I feel totally free of social obligations, and I am not nasty to anybody or feeling guilty as I write, write, write.

If everything goes well though, the next time I post I'll do so from a high speed connection and a fancy new iMac at his appartment. We're picking up the computer Wednesday, and the connection will be put in Thursday. Pray to the gods of installations for me, will you?

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